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Trade and Wholesale Pricing

This website displays different product prices depending on the classification of the customer account. See instructions for trade or wholesale at bottom of this page.

RETAIL BAND - All new customers are automatically assigned to the retail category

  • We will not supply some restricted items such as professional hair colours to accounts in this category.

TRADE BAND - not operating own hair and/or beauty business

  • Qualifed or partially qualified hairdressers
  • Qualifed or partially qualified beauticians
  • Qualifed or partially qualified nail technicians
  • Retired hair and beauty trade persons

WHOLESALE BAND - currently operating a hair and/or beauty business

  • Hair and/or beauty salon proprietors
  • Hair and/or beauty home business operators
  • Hair and/or beauty mobile operators


Customers requiring TRADE or WHOLESALE access should upgrade the account as follows:

  1. Create an account on our LOGIN page.
  2. Email admin@savhoo,com,au with enough details about your professional activity to allow us to determine an appropriate account level.
    Trade: Please provide a professional contact reference who can verify your credentials.
    Wholesale: Please provide a professional contact reference. An ABN number and/or telephone directory listing may be also be helpful in establishing an account in this band.
  3. If your credentials are accepted we will revise your account level and contact you.


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